Bailing Someone Out of Jail

Being arrested and trying to settle a bail can be overwhelming. Most people are willing to be bailed out instead of staying in jail while waiting for the trial to commence. When the defendant is released, he or she goes back to his or her family, and they can plan their trial defense with their lawyer with confidence that their loved one is safe in their home. However, not everyone is able to pay bail money on their own, as it can be quite expensive. If the judge set a bail amount of $50,000 and you do not have that amount on hand, the next best option is to avail of a bail bond. A bail bond service will pay your bail amount in full, with the contract that you must appear on all your succeeding court hearings. Having a bail bond company pay your bail on your behalf will ensure your quick release without having to worry about dropping a huge amount of money. Bail bond companies typically charge a fee summing to 10% of the bail amount, and that is all you have to shell out assuming that there are no other charges incurred. Your bail agent will also ensure that you get updated with your court hearing schedule. As the defendant, you are expected to attend all your court trials.

Hiring a Bail Bondsman in Brazoria County

Bail bond services in the county of Brazoria is regulated and supervised by the Brazoria County Bail Bond Board. The board was founded to act as a channel to administer the bail bond business in the area. It also regulates licensing issues such as application and renewal.

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The process of bail bondsman licensing the Texas is quite extensive to ensure that those who provide the service are highly qualified and insured. For starters, one must be at least 18 years old, a Texan resident, and a US citizen to be able to apply for licensing. A minimum of high school diploma is required, although majority of applicants typically have a background in finance or business education. The applicant must also have a clear criminal record, without past conviction of any form of felony or misdemeanor. Counties with bail bond boards, like Brazoria, require the applicant to have enough financial resources, evidenced by an annual financial statement document.

Relative to other counties, applying for a bail bond license in Brazoria County requires that you complete an apprenticeship program under the supervision of a licensed bail bondsman in Texas. The apprenticeship should last for at least a year of full time bail bond experience. Continuing education study of at least 8 hours for the past two years is also required to be completed by the applicant.

If eligible, the applicant must forward his or her application to the Brazoria County Bail Bond Board with three recommendation letters and a $500 filing fee. Other documents shall be included together with your application, including passport-sized photos, sworn financial statement, sworn declaration of compliance with Texas law, and other financial requirements. The board will then review your documents and they will determine if you are eligible to be licensed.

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