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Going through an arrest, serving jail time, and preparing for defense trial can be exhausting and overwhelming. To gain provisionary freedom, the arrested party must be able to pay a set amount of bail. He or she can pay the bail through cash from his or her own pocket. However, because most bail amounts are crazy expensive and can go as high as $100,000, many defendants prefer to hire a bail bond company to pay out their bail on their behalf. Hiring a bail bond agent to take care of your bail needs would require you to pay a fee of approximately 10 t0 15% of the total bail amount. Most people find this convenient, as they do not have to worry about shelling out a huge amount of money without any guarantee.

When you are arrested for the first time, it can be a confusing moment and you probably have no clue how and where to start arranging for your freedom. Bail Bond Brazoria County can help you with all your bail needs in Rancho Cucamonga. From arranging the documents needed for release, to posting your bail, to coordinating your release with the court, you can vouch for our assistance. Regardless of your charges and violation, our Rancho Cucamonga branch promise to deliver diligent and classified work.

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You have three options in paying for your bail. You can either pay in cash or check, use a bail bond service, or property bail. In this blog, the different types of bail will be discussed in detail.

  • Cash bail

The California Penal Code Section 1269, the arrested individual has the right to pay for his or her bail in cash or check. If the person has enough resources to shell out the total bail amount, then he or she can pay the bail himself without the help of an agent. This is the fastest way to pay the bail since you can address this directly to the court. However, most people do not have such huge sum of cash for bail. Also, lawyers do not typically recommend paying the bail in cash as it can be very risky. When you put your money for bail, you do not have access to it until the end of your trial, which could last for months to several years. This means that within the trial period, you can not use your money or invest it somewhere else. Also, there is no refund guarantee especially if you are found guilty of the crime. Once found guilty, the bail you paid will automatically go to court fees.

  • Bail bond

Since most jailees would have trouble in paying their bail in cash, the Penal Code of the State of California allows the use of bail bond services. This allows the arrested party to bail themselves out without having to put of a huge amount of money to the court. The bail bond company will pay the set bail amount, while the arrested individual pays the company a non-refundable fixed fee for their service. Bail bonds agents do this in contract, making sure that you appear on all your court trials. Your lawyer can arrange a discounted fee with your bail agent depending on their coordination.

  • Property bond

Properties such as house, car, or jewelries can also be used as payment of bail. When you decide to use your property as bail payment, it has to have a value of twice the amount of the bail. A $20,000 property can pay for a bail amounting to $10,000. If the court approves of your property as a bail payment, then you can be released as soon as possible.

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